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Crazy About Kids Pulmonary Services

Specializing in Pediatric Pulmonary, Asthma, and Diseases of the Respiratory System

As the economics of healthcare changes and challenges private practices, new models of care and financial compensation are being considered by all practitioners.  Billing and collection are more complicated, and reimbursement is much lower for healthcare insurance companies.  The burden is placed on the patients and family much more so than in times past.  Because of this, Crazy about Kids Pulmonary needed to change the path on which it was headed.  Dr. Panesar took a full-time position at DMG with clinics in Valleywise and Children’s rehabilitative Services (CRS). He is full time there as of July 1, 2024. 

Traci Arney NP will continue with Crazy about Kids Pulmonary Services in a new location, leasing three rooms for herself, Carmen and Dawn.  Dr. Panesar will continue as medical director, but with no patient care at that location. 

Because of this change, insurance companies will not be billed, and the responsibility will be on the patient and family at time of service.  The same care, lung function with resistance will be included in all visits.  Skin testing will be available at an additional charge. 

Crazy About Kids Pulmonary Services

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